How to file a claim with your insurance carrier?

  • Roots to Roofs, Inc. will complete a full inspection of the entire project from the roots to roofs evaluating and documenting all damages preparing for your insurance adjustment.
  • Call your insurance carrier and report a claim with your representative. You will need details of when the damages occurred, and list of the damages noticed by Roots to Roofs.
  • Write down who you spoke with and your claim number.
  • A claims adjuster will call you back within 24-72hrs. to set an onsite inspection. Its very important to let your representative know the time set with insurance. We will review all the details and damages noticed and reported during your inspection and insure insurance covers all items at this initial inspection.

What’s the difference between hail and wind claims?

Hail damage can be very severe and have significant damage to your home normally visible to a homeowner. Wind damage may be severe but not as noticeable to a homeowner. Insurance companies process these claims separate and, in most cases, require separate claims and deductibles! It’s in your best interest to have a quality inspector from Roots to Roofs determine which damage you have and confirm it’s under the correct category to receive the most coverage for the damage noticed.

Do you know your insurance policy for storm damages?

We at Roots to Roofs, Inc. review your policy with you in detail to insure you know what damages are covered and what your deductible is for storm damage. Ask us how we can help you learn your policy for storm damage.

Mortgage process

Each mortgage company has a different process to handling claims on your property. Roots to Roofs, Inc. has dealt with several mortgage companies and knows the burden it can create for each customer. We specialize in helping you get your paperwork submitted, getting the funds released from mortgage as smoothly and quickly as possible to get repairs completed on your home. Ask us how we can help you through this process at no additional cost!

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